Lazy Sunday Afternoons…

I love lazy Sunday afternoons. I usually spend mine full from a splurge-worthy lunch, lounging around. It’s a great day to stay out of crowds, stay close to home. Scrolling through blogs I’ve missed during the rush of the week, browsing book lists for new releases or great deals. Napping.

Oh, the glories of a Sunday afternoon nap!

And then before I know it, it’s eight in the evening and a little low-grade panic sets in. THE WORK WEEK LOOMS!

At least it’s a lighter, longer as we stroll our way to summer. And, in a perfect world, I’d be recording these thoughts from my front porch. But bugs are gross–I usually decline one last long walk because mosquitos think I’m super sweet.

Time to wind down, to mitigate that work-week-looms panic. Time for a cup of tea. A dash of cream. A more than generous helping of sugar. And to tackle some more words. I’m hard at work on another Naughty Neighbors story.

Which might not be all that relaxing, if you know what I mean. <wink wink> These two are super naughty. I can’t wait for you to meet them.


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