What I’m Loving Friday: Totally Tortoise at Target

Walk, don’t run, to Target and pick up these darling Totally Tortoise Collection stationery supplies. They have big and small accordion file folders and a set of paper file folders. Honestly, skip the paper file folders; the glossy plastic of the accordion files is perfection.

Totally Tortoise Collection Accordion File

I’m not the best product photographer, but I think you can get the idea just how cute this is. It has twelve standard tab divisions. And I just love the brass button closure detail. It wasn’t terribly expensive–maybe 8 bucks? (I can’t remember; I try to forget how much I spend on splurges.)

On a day I was taking my mom to a doctor’s appointment, I put my mini iPad, her full-size iPad, and all of the paperwork she needed in there and it didn’t bulge at all.

Make note: I couldn’t find them online, more’s the pity; and I couldn’t find them at the Target I usually go to, either. (I did find them at the Target in the upmarket area of town.) But the Studio C website lists other stores where they’re available.



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