What I’m Loving Friday: New Essie Gel-Setter

A few weeks ago, I noticed this gel-setter polish in Target. (Are you sensing a theme here?) I was a leeeeetle bit skeptical. I can’t lie: I love a gel mani. I mean, I really, really love how shiny and strong it makes my nails look.

Picfx 2

But I hate the UV light curing process (hello, wrinkles and sun damage!) and how it makes my nails feel when it finally (after a lot of work) comes off. And how expensive it is!

I’ve tried so many at-home varnishes that promise the gel look, but none deliver.

This one delivers. I got nice and shiny nails. Though it didn’t last as long as a professional job, it didn’t chip and crack until about a week later (I am a constant hand-washer). And by then I was ready for a color change anyway.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.55.44 PM


I love coacha’bella. It’s lurid and lovely. It’s the perfect color for my toes. I’m not quite that wild on my hands. I know. A woman who writes erotic romance can’t wear bright color nail varnish? I guess we all have our oddities.


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