What I’m Loving Friday: FALL

It’s been a while since I did a What I’m Loving Friday post. It’s not that I haven’t been loving things, but, you know, end of summer blahs. But it is finally–finally!–starting to feel a little bit like fall in my neck of the woods. (Although, I’m sure we’ll have a freak 98 degree day before it’s all said and done.) It was a crispy 61 degrees this morning when I woke up wrapped up in the fluffiest blanket. Sleeping with the window invites allergies, but it’s so very delightful to be cold and snuggle.

I don’t tend to decorate the house a lot for fall. If I’m feeling wild, I guess I put out a wreath, but Halloween stuff doesn’t typically interest me. It’s either too cutesy or too ghoulish for my tastes. But I did decorate my laptop this morning.

I love a static calendar on my desktop as the wallpaper. I never have my planer around when I need it, and, for some reason, it takes me too long to scroll to Mission Control on my Mac to see the calendar. There are tons of cute, free downloadable calendars online if you know where to look.

This month, I’m going simple with Paper Sugar’s free download: stark black background with a flourish of calligraphy. But the kraft paper look is pretty nice. Minimal but elegant.

Paper Sugar Downloads

Click link for download instructions from Paper Sugar’s site.



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