Espresso Shorts Series

If you’re a newsletter subscriber, you already know that there’s some good news a-brewin’. (If you’re not, make sure you’re on the A-List.)

(A-brewin’–did you catch that? A-brewin’? Brewing. Coffee. Espresso shorts. . . )

Enough wordplay, Olivia! Time for the announcement.

This spring and summer, there will be two brand new stories* in the same world as Linger, rounding out the Espresso Shorts Series. And here are the new, amazing covers sitting very pretty next to the first.

Olivia Aycock Espresso Shorts Covers

(When I saw them all together, I forgot that I had tea steeping, and ohmygoodness was it ever strong when I got back to it?)

Guys, if you loved the hot, emotional romance in Linger, get ready for more in the next two coffee shop set stories. More hot! More emotion! More, more, more!

Pre-order links coming soon.



*Wander and Uncover are standalone stories that will leave you satisfied.


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