What I’m Loving Friday: Smoothies & Easy Cleanup

 <– This little guy. I am absolutely loving using my mom’s Ninja Master. My awesome blender at home makes sad, whining noises if I ever attempt to use super-frozen fruits and veg for smoothies, so I was a little astonished when she pulled this out of the cabinet for me to use the other morning and it was so easy. No whining noises. No fear of explosion. Easy assembly.

The best part? Super-easy cleanup.

I know it’s still cold in some parts of this vast planet, but in my little dot on the map, we’re transitioning into summer pretty quickly. And, as much as I love a nice bacon-y breakfast sandwich, sometimes it’s just too darn hot to eat one. Which is where smoothie love comes in.

Here’s my favorite quickie “recipe” from this week. Green veg totally optional.

  • Half a package of frozen mango (honestly, I don’t measure, but maybe it’s two cups of chunks)
  • Splash of cranberry juice (just what I had on hand–can be anything to get things juicy)
  • Glug of plain kefir (I’m estimating 3/4 cup)
  • Squirt of light agave, to taste
  • Handful of spinach greens, to taste

Ninja the mango and juice first, short pulses to pulverize it. Then add in the glug of kefir and the squirt of agave. Pulse pulse. Add greens and whirl for a while. And then enjoy in a big, frosty mug.

Yields two servings. Unless you’re ravenous. In which case, drink it all, accompanied by a nice, steamy contemporary romance.





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