National Iced Tea Day

Hot. Cold. Sweet. Unsweet. If it’s tea, it’s (probably) for me. Happy National Iced Tea Day!

tea for me, please

There are a few connoisseur teas that aren’t my (wait for it) cup of tea. I’m pretty much a creature of habit. Don’t come between me and my beloved Earl Grey–or a bag of plain ol’ Lipton in the summer. I’m definitely not a tea snob. (Though I do refuse to microwave my water.)

I love to mix in fruit with my iced teas–and light agave gives it just a hint of sweetness and dissolves easily. One of my favorite brews? Chop up some fresh pineapple and steep it with a bag of Earl Grey and Lipton. Throw in a bit of torn up mint at the end? SUMMER IN YOUR GLASS. (Add a splash of Pimms or St. Germain and helllllooooo, adult beverage deliciousness.)




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