Cozy Winter Romance Beckons

It’s been a heck of a (hot) summer. I’m so ready to layer on the sweaters and blankets–even though I think I’ve forgotten what it means to be cold.

Summer is always a busy time with friends and family and travel–and work, I didn’t forget that. But now that it’s September, and officially back-to-school time, I feel a little bereft that I’m not going back to school. I loved the new-beginnings feel to it and kind of miss it.

So to get over the blahs, I spruced up my Twitter header a little bit. What do you think?

AycockBooks Twitter Header

Speaking of getting over the blahs. I have a brand new story to share with you very soon. (PSSSST: Make sure you’re a member of the A-List (click here to join) so you’re the first to know when it releases…and maybe you can get a little sneak peek soon.)

Wander is all about the end-of-summer blahs. But believe me, there’s nothing BLAH about it. It’s set in the South of France (oh, oui, oui!) with a broody, sexy (ohmygoddirty talking) Frenchman and a free spirit. It’s total wanderlust and your eReader will be on fire.

Wander Cover Small

Guys, it’s so hot, you’re going to need to set your AC to 65 to keep you cool! Or jump in a pile of snow. Whichever is easiest.


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