Adore, a Holiday Romance

My A-listers got an exclusive cover reveal for the newest title in the Naughty Neighbors Holiday series, Adore. Now, it’s your turn to take a peek.

You’re going to love this story. I’ve had such fun writing–and redeeming!–the bad boy of the first two books in the series.


If you read Indulge, you’ll recognize Charles as one of the Friendsgiving dinner/debauchery party guests chummily referred to as “Fluffy.” And in Dazzle, he became the antagonist for Emily Powell when she crashed her sister’s New Year’s Eve sex party.

In Adore, Charles is a bad boy redeemed…well, almost. He’s spent a year in America in self-imposed exile trying to live on the straight and narrow–after all, with the doors to all of the most exclusive (and even the less savory) clubs closed to him, what else could he do?

As the year anniversary of his sex-sobriety approaches, he finds it harder and harder to be disciplined. Especially when his neighbor–the sweet, blond kindergarten teacher who knits every night on her front porch–makes him question everything he’s ever believed about his darker sexual needs.


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