Oprah’s Favorite Things 2016

Thank you, Twitter & Jezebel, for reminding me the great red-and-green monster is upon us. (No, seriously, thank you. I love giving gifts…and buying them for myself.

Oprah has posted her list of 104 items. What’s on your list?

I checked out the Under $50 category first–because I like giving gifts but I don’t have Oprah’s budget.


I think these marbled plates are gorgeous! AND they’re dishwasher safe.


Oprah's favorite things

I can’t resist anything that’s metallic. This Rose Gold Key Finder is totally rad. 

Moving on to more $$ items…


This stingray cuff (ahem) is pretty. 



SWEATER WEATHER is my favorite, and my love for all things 80s means a slouchy, off-the-shoulder option is always my favorite



This Italian cotton-blend throw doesn’t break the bank ($128) and looks like a dream. But dry clean recommended means I’d definitely only put this on my wish list…not buy it for myself. 


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