Living. 2017.


I’m doing a little detox this year. Things were so noisy in 2016 that it’s time to reclaim a measure of quiet for myself and for my family. Now, I’m not totally going off the grid, but I am going to carve out time to consciously L-I-V-E this year…in big and small ways.

Travel. Curling up with a book. An extra morning cuppa with my phone on silent.

Our time here is so short. And there’s so much to enjoy. We forget that a lot. (At least I do.) And whether you choose to do the same daily, weekly, or monthly, I encourage you to join me.

To that end, I’ll be posting some images with the reminder to breathe; for when I take the time to remember to breathe, that triggers some big mindfulness.




Happy birthday Elvis <3


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