Living. 2017. Vol. 22: Breathe in joy


Your favorite coffee cup. A favorite ring. The tattoo you got at 18 that still looks hot. Staring at your honey over the kitchen table. Ignoring the mess in the sink. Find the joy in your morning and breathe it in. <3


Tech Review: Seagate Wireless External Hard Drive


I’m absolutely not kidding when I say the Seagate Wireless external hard drive is a life-saver when your income is based on the documents you create.

No cords. No mess. Lightweight. Pops in my handbag and I forget about it. No whipping it out in public (ahem) when I need to access a file. If it’s on, it’s broadcasting its own wifi signal straight to my device(s)–which means I don’t need to use public wi-fi when I’m out and about to connect securely to my files.



N.B. I’m backing up the gajillions of photos I take as I type this post!

One of the best features is it syncs with Dropbox and Google Drive. (And if I were way cooler than I actually am, I could also stream my videos and music from it!) PLUS, if I’ve created a document or image on my Mac and want to access it on my iPad when I’m away from a wi-fi hotspot…boom. Done.

I love my 2TB because I never worry about running out of room, but the 1T Wireless External Hard Drive is about $35 cheaper. (And for $40 cheaper you can get a 500GB bur for five dollars difference why wouldn’t you get the 1T?)

The only drawback for me is OS specific, I cannot use this to archive Time Machine backups. But I have another hard drive for that (redundancy!), so this wireless one is just for on-the-go backups. (And I do manually back up individual files/file folders.)


Living. 2017.


I’m doing a little detox this year. Things were so noisy in 2016 that it’s time to reclaim a measure of quiet for myself and for my family. Now, I’m not totally going off the grid, but I am going to carve out time to consciously L-I-V-E this year…in big and small ways.

Travel. Curling up with a book. An extra morning cuppa with my phone on silent.

Our time here is so short. And there’s so much to enjoy. We forget that a lot. (At least I do.) And whether you choose to do the same daily, weekly, or monthly, I encourage you to join me.

To that end, I’ll be posting some images with the reminder to breathe; for when I take the time to remember to breathe, that triggers some big mindfulness.




Happy birthday Elvis <3

Wrapped in Love…

Peace, love…& more love

2016 is drawing to a close and it has been a year of weddings, babies, and funerals. And amidst all of the joy and sadness, the undercurrent was love. Always love.

As you spend time with your family and friends this winter, my wish is that you’re wrapped in love.


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About Indulge:

SoCal native Ashley Powell would be thriving as an expat in London were it not for the bitter cold–and a brutal infatuation with her co-worker, the super uptight Oliver Wooldridge-Langston. His manners are so perfect, and he’s so out of her league, he might as well be Prince Harry! But when he invites her to celebrate a Friendsgiving holiday weekend at his oldest chum’s country manor house, she discovers a scene ripe for seduction. The only question: just who will be seducing whom?

Warning: an appetite for turkey, stuffing, and green bean casserole won’t be the only thingindulged this holiday season. this erotic romance includes two naughty workplace neighbors who, after weeks of frustrated longing, count their blessings…and their shared fantasies.

Indulge stands alone (no cliffhangers!) and is about 12,000 words.


If you love Ashley’s story, you’re going to adore her little sister in Dazzle.  You’ll be in for more than a little debauchery at the “wild party”…and a very happy ending.

Thankful for my TBR Pile and…


I’m thankful for my TBR (to-be-read) pile and for everyone who loves books. Especially for my American readers, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are surrounded by your friends and family and lots of love…and a little sparkle.

And if friends and family are far away, I hope you have a good book for company. <3



New Kindle Paperwhite Comes in White!

I love my Kindle Voyage. And I loved my first Kindle Paperwhite. And I love the various other eReading devices I own. But gosh, darn, what it is about that pearly white that makes me want to throw good sense out the window and buy a new eReader when mine (all) work perfectly fine?


It’s a little early for What I’m Loving Friday, but I couldn’t resist. I mean, just look at it. So pretty! But they also offer the 6-inch in white, too….

Decisions, decisions.




Kobo Summer Sale

All of the Olivia Aycock titles are part of Kobo’s 50JUN Summer Sale! (Offer ends 6.27.16.)

breathless 50JUN

Click the image above for hot summer savings!

And while all of my titles are part of the sale, SIZZLE is definitely your best value: 6 steamy Naughty Neighbor novellas for $2.50? That’s 80,000 words for $2.50. AMAZING. Go forth and get in some beach reading…even if you’re stuck reading at work, er, your lunch break. :)


National Iced Tea Day

Hot. Cold. Sweet. Unsweet. If it’s tea, it’s (probably) for me. Happy National Iced Tea Day!

tea for me, please

There are a few connoisseur teas that aren’t my (wait for it) cup of tea. I’m pretty much a creature of habit. Don’t come between me and my beloved Earl Grey–or a bag of plain ol’ Lipton in the summer. I’m definitely not a tea snob. (Though I do refuse to microwave my water.)

I love to mix in fruit with my iced teas–and light agave gives it just a hint of sweetness and dissolves easily. One of my favorite brews? Chop up some fresh pineapple and steep it with a bag of Earl Grey and Lipton. Throw in a bit of torn up mint at the end? SUMMER IN YOUR GLASS. (Add a splash of Pimms or St. Germain and helllllooooo, adult beverage deliciousness.)



What I’m Loving Friday: Smoothies & Easy Cleanup

 <– This little guy. I am absolutely loving using my mom’s Ninja Master. My awesome blender at home makes sad, whining noises if I ever attempt to use super-frozen fruits and veg for smoothies, so I was a little astonished when she pulled this out of the cabinet for me to use the other morning and it was so easy. No whining noises. No fear of explosion. Easy assembly.

The best part? Super-easy cleanup.

I know it’s still cold in some parts of this vast planet, but in my little dot on the map, we’re transitioning into summer pretty quickly. And, as much as I love a nice bacon-y breakfast sandwich, sometimes it’s just too darn hot to eat one. Which is where smoothie love comes in.

Here’s my favorite quickie “recipe” from this week. Green veg totally optional.

  • Half a package of frozen mango (honestly, I don’t measure, but maybe it’s two cups of chunks)
  • Splash of cranberry juice (just what I had on hand–can be anything to get things juicy)
  • Glug of plain kefir (I’m estimating 3/4 cup)
  • Squirt of light agave, to taste
  • Handful of spinach greens, to taste

Ninja the mango and juice first, short pulses to pulverize it. Then add in the glug of kefir and the squirt of agave. Pulse pulse. Add greens and whirl for a while. And then enjoy in a big, frosty mug.

Yields two servings. Unless you’re ravenous. In which case, drink it all, accompanied by a nice, steamy contemporary romance.