Wrapped in Love…

Peace, love…& more love

2016 is drawing to a close and it has been a year of weddings, babies, and funerals. And amidst all of the joy and sadness, the undercurrent was love. Always love.

As you spend time with your family and friends this winter, my wish is that you’re wrapped in love.


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About Indulge:

SoCal native Ashley Powell would be thriving as an expat in London were it not for the bitter cold–and a brutal infatuation with her co-worker, the super uptight Oliver Wooldridge-Langston. His manners are so perfect, and he’s so out of her league, he might as well be Prince Harry! But when he invites her to celebrate a Friendsgiving holiday weekend at his oldest chum’s country manor house, she discovers a scene ripe for seduction. The only question: just who will be seducing whom?

Warning: an appetite for turkey, stuffing, and green bean casserole won’t be the only thingindulged this holiday season. this erotic romance includes two naughty workplace neighbors who, after weeks of frustrated longing, count their blessings…and their shared fantasies.

Indulge stands alone (no cliffhangers!) and is about 12,000 words.


If you love Ashley’s story, you’re going to adore her little sister in Dazzle.  You’ll be in for more than a little debauchery at the “wild party”…and a very happy ending.


Adore, a Holiday Romance

My A-listers got an exclusive cover reveal for the newest title in the Naughty Neighbors Holiday series, Adore. Now, it’s your turn to take a peek.

You’re going to love this story. I’ve had such fun writing–and redeeming!–the bad boy of the first two books in the series.


If you read Indulge, you’ll recognize Charles as one of the Friendsgiving dinner/debauchery party guests chummily referred to as “Fluffy.” And in Dazzle, he became the antagonist for Emily Powell when she crashed her sister’s New Year’s Eve sex party.

In Adore, Charles is a bad boy redeemed…well, almost. He’s spent a year in America in self-imposed exile trying to live on the straight and narrow–after all, with the doors to all of the most exclusive (and even the less savory) clubs closed to him, what else could he do?

As the year anniversary of his sex-sobriety approaches, he finds it harder and harder to be disciplined. Especially when his neighbor–the sweet, blond kindergarten teacher who knits every night on her front porch–makes him question everything he’s ever believed about his darker sexual needs.

Cozy Winter Romance Beckons

It’s been a heck of a (hot) summer. I’m so ready to layer on the sweaters and blankets–even though I think I’ve forgotten what it means to be cold.

Summer is always a busy time with friends and family and travel–and work, I didn’t forget that. But now that it’s September, and officially back-to-school time, I feel a little bereft that I’m not going back to school. I loved the new-beginnings feel to it and kind of miss it.

So to get over the blahs, I spruced up my Twitter header a little bit. What do you think?

AycockBooks Twitter Header

Speaking of getting over the blahs. I have a brand new story to share with you very soon. (PSSSST: Make sure you’re a member of the A-List (click here to join) so you’re the first to know when it releases…and maybe you can get a little sneak peek soon.)

Wander is all about the end-of-summer blahs. But believe me, there’s nothing BLAH about it. It’s set in the South of France (oh, oui, oui!) with a broody, sexy (ohmygoddirty talking) Frenchman and a free spirit. It’s total wanderlust and your eReader will be on fire.

Wander Cover Small

Guys, it’s so hot, you’re going to need to set your AC to 65 to keep you cool! Or jump in a pile of snow. Whichever is easiest.

New Kindle Paperwhite Comes in White!

I love my Kindle Voyage. And I loved my first Kindle Paperwhite. And I love the various other eReading devices I own. But gosh, darn, what it is about that pearly white that makes me want to throw good sense out the window and buy a new eReader when mine (all) work perfectly fine?


It’s a little early for What I’m Loving Friday, but I couldn’t resist. I mean, just look at it. So pretty! But they also offer the 6-inch in white, too….

Decisions, decisions.




National Iced Tea Day

Hot. Cold. Sweet. Unsweet. If it’s tea, it’s (probably) for me. Happy National Iced Tea Day!

tea for me, please

There are a few connoisseur teas that aren’t my (wait for it) cup of tea. I’m pretty much a creature of habit. Don’t come between me and my beloved Earl Grey–or a bag of plain ol’ Lipton in the summer. I’m definitely not a tea snob. (Though I do refuse to microwave my water.)

I love to mix in fruit with my iced teas–and light agave gives it just a hint of sweetness and dissolves easily. One of my favorite brews? Chop up some fresh pineapple and steep it with a bag of Earl Grey and Lipton. Throw in a bit of torn up mint at the end? SUMMER IN YOUR GLASS. (Add a splash of Pimms or St. Germain and helllllooooo, adult beverage deliciousness.)



What I’m Loving Friday: Smoothies & Easy Cleanup

 <– This little guy. I am absolutely loving using my mom’s Ninja Master. My awesome blender at home makes sad, whining noises if I ever attempt to use super-frozen fruits and veg for smoothies, so I was a little astonished when she pulled this out of the cabinet for me to use the other morning and it was so easy. No whining noises. No fear of explosion. Easy assembly.

The best part? Super-easy cleanup.

I know it’s still cold in some parts of this vast planet, but in my little dot on the map, we’re transitioning into summer pretty quickly. And, as much as I love a nice bacon-y breakfast sandwich, sometimes it’s just too darn hot to eat one. Which is where smoothie love comes in.

Here’s my favorite quickie “recipe” from this week. Green veg totally optional.

  • Half a package of frozen mango (honestly, I don’t measure, but maybe it’s two cups of chunks)
  • Splash of cranberry juice (just what I had on hand–can be anything to get things juicy)
  • Glug of plain kefir (I’m estimating 3/4 cup)
  • Squirt of light agave, to taste
  • Handful of spinach greens, to taste

Ninja the mango and juice first, short pulses to pulverize it. Then add in the glug of kefir and the squirt of agave. Pulse pulse. Add greens and whirl for a while. And then enjoy in a big, frosty mug.

Yields two servings. Unless you’re ravenous. In which case, drink it all, accompanied by a nice, steamy contemporary romance.




Espresso Shorts Series

If you’re a newsletter subscriber, you already know that there’s some good news a-brewin’. (If you’re not, make sure you’re on the A-List.)

(A-brewin’–did you catch that? A-brewin’? Brewing. Coffee. Espresso shorts. . . )

Enough wordplay, Olivia! Time for the announcement.

This spring and summer, there will be two brand new stories* in the same world as Linger, rounding out the Espresso Shorts Series. And here are the new, amazing covers sitting very pretty next to the first.

Olivia Aycock Espresso Shorts Covers

(When I saw them all together, I forgot that I had tea steeping, and ohmygoodness was it ever strong when I got back to it?)

Guys, if you loved the hot, emotional romance in Linger, get ready for more in the next two coffee shop set stories. More hot! More emotion! More, more, more!

Pre-order links coming soon.



*Wander and Uncover are standalone stories that will leave you satisfied.

Instagram’s Newest Star

I am now so connected, I rival Madonna, I’m sure. (Or, like, some hot new pop star who the kids know these days…)

Instagram is now on my roster of social media obsessions connections. Come follow me (OliviaAycock) for little peeks into my daily grind. (Pssssst…my latest post reveals some verrrrry interesting news.)


Who are some of your favorite people to follow?

Kindle Countdown Deal

kindle countdown deal

If you haven’t picked up INDULGE, it’s a Kindle Countdown Deal–which means it will be 99 cents for a few days before going up to $1.99, then back to the original price. (And if you’re a Kindle Unlimited member, you can still read it for free as part of your subscription plan.)